Power green small

Power Green Small
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Taking the ROOTS NUTRITION’S POWER GREEN will feed your cells all the necessary nutrition to maintain or regain your health.


• Spirulina- Most nutritious food on earth. Complete-High protein, Nutritional deficiencies, Body building, Wound healing, Detoxifying and Deodorizing.

• Horsetail- Arthritis, Diabetes, glandular problems, Kidney stones, nervousness, osteoporosis, parasites, urinary problems, weak hair, skin and nails.

• Ginger- Bronchitis, Childhood diseases, Dizziness, Fatigue, Flu, Headaches, Indigestion and Poor circulation.

• Gingko Biloba Extract- ADD. Alzheimers Disease, Cardiovascular disorders, Impotence, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular degeneration, Stress, Stroke.

• Gotu Kola Extract- Aging, Arteriosclerosis, Blood pressure. Heart Problems, Hypoglycemia, Memory Loss, Mental problems and nervousness.

• Grapeseed Extract- Cardiovascular diseases, Carpal Tunnel, Diabetes, Emphysema, Hig blood pressure, parkinsons, Lupus, and skin health

• Cat's Claw Extract- Allergies, Candida, Chronic fatigue, Hormaone imbalance, Intestinal problems, Parasites, Vitral infections, and immune system

• Milk Thistle Extract- Ciorrhosis, Epilepsy, Hepatitis, jaundice, Kidney problems, Luiver disordfers, skin disorders and Toxic effects.

• Alpha Lipoic Acid- Antioxident, cataract, Degenerative disease, Diabetes, Heavy-metal detoxification, Immune enhancement and Stroke.

• Ester C- Antithistamine, Cholestoral, Hepes, Increase enery, Infection (viral, bacterial.fungal),Pain, Stroke, and Varicose veins.

• Stevia Extract- Digestion, Fatigue, gastrointestinal function, regulates blood sugar, Nourishes the liver and spleen ansd stimulates alertness
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